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How to grow boobs bigger naturally – How to get bigger boobs fast

Smaller breasts can lead to embarrassment and lack of confidence for many girls and women. To get a curvaceous body that actually looks attractive in every dress, having fuller busts is a must. Breast surgery is surely a sure shot way to get bigger breasts. However, the complications related to the process and also the cost of the surgery are not very encouraging for many. Many women also do not feel like going under the knives only to get bigger breasts. So, if you have been looking for ways to grow your breasts bigger without resorting to cosmetic surgery here is a discussion to inform you how you can do that.

It is possible to grow your breasts bigger through natural ways, but you should have realistic expectations. First, you have to understand that the size of your breasts is controlled by the hormones in your body and your genetics. With time, as a woman passes through different phases of her reproductive cycle the hormones of the body changes, which can naturally make your breasts bigger, even without taking any extra care. So, even if you have small breasts during your teenage or in your early twenties, they might get much bigger naturally as you age.

Some breast enlargement pumps are available in the market, which claims to grow your breasts bigger within 1-3 months. There are also many breast enlargement creams and lotions available that promise to grow your busts quickly. The only suggestion that I would like to leave here is that before opting for any measure that is not completely natural, have a discussion with your doctor; and she will know what is best for you. Now let us get into the details of how you can grow your breasts bigger naturally.

How to get bigger boobs naturally

Eat right for quick boob growth

What you eat is what you look. Include foods that are rich in protein and natural estrogen in your diet. Chicken, meat, eggs, fish and dairy products should be taken daily in proper quantity, to ensure that your body gets its’ building blocks and also the natural estrogen. Peas and beans are also rich in estrogen and hence including them in your diet is a must. Fruits such as cherries and blueberries can also be helpful, so munch on them instead of junk foods.

Stay away from unhealthy habits

If you are trying to grow your breasts you actually need to stay away from habits that can harm your body. Smoking and drinking regularly can have a high negative impact on the total fat content of the body, resulting into smaller and sagged breasts. So, ensure that you are having a lifestyle that is not destroying your curvaceous figure.

Exercises to get bigger boobs

It is not very easy to grow your boobs bigger naturally. The right exercises in the right amount along with the proper diet and lifestyle can actually make it happen. The exercises that can help you to grow your breasts bigger include,

Pushups for boobs

Pushups stretch your chest muscles and can be very effective to build the muscles in the area. This common exercise can be very useful to grow your breasts bigger.

Lie flat on the floor on your stomach. Now place your toes on the floor so that it can take the weight of your body. Place your palms on the floor beside your shoulders. Now pull your whole body up while taking the weight on the hands and toes. Once you reach the maximum position, lower your body slowly but do not touch the ground. Start with 3 sets of 5 reps and increase as you go.


Incline fly for quick boob growth

Incline Fly

Lie on the exercise table inclined at 45 degrees. Hold two dumbbells of moderate weight in two hands in a straight line from your shoulders. Your elbows should be pointed downwards. Now shoot your hands up above your shoulder and then trace back. Opt for 5 sets of 6 repetitions to start with. You can also increase the weight of the dumbbell moderately to get quick results.

Bench press exercise to get boobs fit

Bench press

Lie flat on the exercise table holding a barbell in your hands. Should your hands up to their maximum length by pressing your chest muscles and then pull your hand down. Start with 5 sets of 6 reps and a moderate weight. Increase the repetitions as well as the weight as you go on to get the best results.

Dumbbell- cross punch exercise

Dumbbell- cross punch

Stand straight on the floor holding two dumbbells in two hands. Now throw one hand frontward in a cross direction. Trace it back and repeat with the other hand in speed. This completes one rep. You need to start with at least 6 reps of 5 sets. Increase as you go.

Chair dips to increase boobs size

Get yourself in the posture of a chair while balancing your body weight on your feet and the two hands holding the edge of a chair at your back. Bend your elbows at 90 degrees while lowering your hips towards the floor. Lower your body, till the shoulders reach in a line with the elbows. Now push up your body and reach the maximum position. Repeat. You need to start with 3 sets of 4 reps.

Chair dips

Plan a combination of the above exercises for regular practice. Also include variations by increasing or reducing a particular exercise for a week and then altering it in the next week. The right exercises can be really helpful for better growth of busts.

Home treatments for growing your breasts

Along with the above, you can follow the home treatments mentioned below to increase the size of your breasts naturally with time,

Oil massage treatment for bigger boobs

Massaging your breasts regularly with oils that help in building of muscles, can be a good way to grow breasts bigger. These oils coupled with the massaging help in more blood circulation in the area and can be effective for the purpose. The fatty acids present in the oil can penetrate into the skin and help in breast enlargement.

Coconut oil to increase boobs size

Coconut oil is considered as preferred massaging oil for breast augmentation because it comes with fatty acids that have smallest molecular structures and can be easily absorbed into the skin. Borage oil and evening primrose oil, on the other hand are rich in gamma linolenic acid, which can be very effective to keep the testosterone level low and to boost breast enlargement.

Fenugreek for boobs growth

Fenugreek seeds contain a number of phyto-estrogens and diosgenin that can help in breast augmentation. These seeds contain compounds that are believed to increase the number of healthy breast tissues. You can use a Fenugreek pack or fenugreek extract on the breasts to get the best effects of this herb. Also include it in your diet.

Saw Palmetto to get enlarge breast

Saw Palmetto is also rich in phyto-nutrients that trigger the formation of more breast tissues. So, this herb can be helpful for enlargement of breasts.

Radish for breast increment

The radish has been found to have effects in improving blood flow into the local tissues. Increased blood circulation can help in more growth of the breasts. So, include radish in your regular diet and you can also use the juice of radish directly onto the skin of your breasts and the nearing area to get quick results.

Flax seeds for faster boobs grow

These brownish seeds are filled with Omega-3 fatty acids and a number of other beneficial fats. These seeds are believed to be helpful for natural breast enlargement. Include 2 spoons of flax seeds in your daily diet for the best results.

Papaya and milk to grow boobs quickly

It is claimed that a juice made from papaya and milk can be helpful to grow breasts bigger. This juice includes all the nutrients and vitamins that might be helpful for breast augmentation.

Important hormones for breast size

Estrogen hormones

Estrogen is the most common female hormone. This hormone is responsible for few things in the female body, such as limited to pregnancy, menstruation and breast development. This is better to get a bigger boob that increases estrogen level in the body. This increases the level of estrogen in the body of half equations of breast development. This can respond to only a certain amount of estrogen and left over estrogen goes to waste.

Growth hormone

Growth hormones are best for breast development. This is not only important for bones or height instead of breast development. Some men and women purchase artificial hGH pills. The injections are not recommended because these hGH medicines cause some side effects such as visible water retention and ear infection.

Prolactin hormone

The Prolactin is an important hormone for breast development. This is because Prolactin hormone increases fat storage inside the breast. The body develops Prolactin only two times in the female body at the level of estrogen is high. Thus, puberty and pregnancy are main. The foods that are rich to reactivate prolactin hormone are soya and yam roots. Eat soya and yam in combination because of estrogen content is high.

Testosterone hormone

Testosterone is an important hormone for both men and women. Testosterone hormone is responsible for developing male characteristics in the man’s body that includes muscle mass, deep voice and more hairs on chest. Women those who try to increase testosterone level in the body build muscles to increase their sex drive. When, you are looking for breast development, and then you have to try to cut down testosterone because of too much amount of testosterone that means no breast development.

You can make a note that testosterone and estrogen works against each other. This means that if you increase estrogen levels of testosterone that goes down and vice versa.