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Best anti-cellulite scrubs in the market

Cellulites are a pain to all the women in the world! With age, we come through circumstances when we put on weight, be it naturally, due to bad routines, unhealthy eating habits, pregnancy, etc. Our body then creates excess fat and bulges some areas which doesn’t make us look any better! Some specific places where we tend to have cellulites are forearms, legs, buttocks, abdomen, etc. In this article we will go through some of the best scrubs in the market and we will know about the ingredients they contain. You might notice that most of these are infused with coffee, some way or the other, and that improves exfoliation too.

Anti-Cellulite Arabica Coffee Cream Body scrub

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This is a natural fine extract that is 100% pure scrub that will gently exfoliate the skin layers. This helps to remove dry, old, dead skin to give a younger looking as it is a natural coffee scrub. This body scrub helps in reduction of cellulite and can deeply exfoliate dead skin. The ingredients used in this body scrub are Arabica coffee, Shea butter, sweet almond oils, mulberry extract, root extract, centella, radish extract, coconut oil, jojoba oil, olive oil etc. Coffee is rich in caffeine which is an antioxidant that fights against free radical process in order to eliminate unwanted cellulite on legs, arms, belly and bottom. This helps to improve the appearance of age spots, acne, rosacea, eczema and varicose veins. This helps to get rid of bacteria and harmful chemicals on the skin while reduces puffiness and swelling.

Alexa coffee scrub

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Alexa coffee scrub is available in a large container. This exquisite Kona coffee scrub consists of dead sea salt which is used as a body scrub. This is fully loaded with organic oils. It consists of one of major ingredients called Hazelnut essential oil which helps to get natural glowing skin. This removes dry and dead skin cells that make your skin flawless.

Lacido Aromatheraphy body scrub

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The Lavido Aromatherapy body scrub is completely anti cellulite body scrub with dead sea salts that are all natural organic body scrubs. This is a progressive technology through innovation and research is exemplified. This is prepared with a plant based hyaluronic acid with an effective extraction method. The oils are diffused, infused and cold pressed with the use of natural extraction process that includes mechanical extraction. This is a non-chemical water based distillation process that can separate the vital oils from liquids. There is some other mechanical extraction that is best to retain the active essentials of the plant, nut or seed that is being used. This is a traditional form of distillation that is going back millennia which is equally committed to cutting edge technologies. The cream is provided with a strict natural guideline, such as carbon dioxide extraction.

Desert Mineral Detox Body Scrub Anti-Cellulite

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This is an exfoliating body scrub with micronized volcanic ash, Majave dessert minerals, herbs and organic oils. This is unique and can easily control on wet skin. This effectively synchronizes into skin with body massage and also exfoliated from improving the cellulite appearance. This helps to scrub away toxins, impurities and dead skin cells. The ingredients used in it can boost circulation and also diminish the look of Lumpy bumpy areas.  This helps to clean rinsing formula and sloughs off dead skin to enhance the performance of sunless tanners and slimming treatments. This result in soft purified and toned skin. This helps to control wet on skin, lighten the skin, eliminate excess fluids etc.

Organic Coffee Body Scrub Tightens Tones Reduces Cellulite 100% Natural 8 OZ – Rs 2,517

Organic Coffee Body Scrub Tightens Tones Reduces Cellulite

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This is a luxurious cellulite scrub which is made with coffee butter. It is further added with sugar which exfoliates your skin and salt extracted from Dead Sea for giving your skin a healthier glow. Improve your skin to make it tightened with the increased body circulation. Reduce dimpling of cellulite and see it toned.

Beautii Mitt – Exfoliator Microdermabrasion – Exfoliating – Dry Skin -Face Body Scrub – Skin Firming – Wrinkle Repair – Scar Removal – Cellulite Massager – Rs 4,545

Beautii Mitt - Exfoliator Microdermabrasion - Exfoliating

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This deeply cleanses your body and exfoliates your skin. It leaves lasting results and maintains a youthful glow. Take a warm water bath for around 10 minutes, and don’t use soap. Apply the scrub on the zones and gently rub it on your body. Rub it back and forth, rather than circular motions. Your body should be damp, so that the appliance is smooth. Do not rinse with water, instead wait for the skin to roll off. This would let out dead skin cells. Don’t stress on scrubbing to hard as skin could turn red after use.

Dorian Gray Skincare Anti-Cellulite Coffee Scrub – Rs 1991

Dorian Gray Skincare Anti-Cellulite Coffee Scrub

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There is caffeine in this exclusive coffee infused scrub. The ingredient enhances fat metabolism, so when you apply it on your skin the coffee gets absorbed and does its trick! Remove the extra liquid and fat content from your body and see your cellulites decreased soon.

Anti Cellulite Maxi-Mix Foaming Salt Scrub w/Gota Kula Benzoin Guarana & More – Rs 4229

Anti Cellulite Maxi-Mix Foaming Salt Scrub

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This scrub includes various anti-cellulite ingredients and is scented with nectarine cherry. Take adequate amount and massage on the zones. This product has cayenne pepper which is effective for reducing cellulites, but can be harmful for other zones. Thus, you shouldn’t apply it anywhere else but your cellulites. The main combination in this scrub are the varieties of salts and powders, which you show your visible results within 1 month of regular appliance.

Most Luxurious Coffee Scrub, Dead Sea Salt Scrub & Green Tea Scrub! Reduce Cellulite! Body Polish Leaves Skin Silky, Firm & Glowing. Vegan, Organic. Perfect Gift For YOU & A Lucky Friend! (Peppermint) – Rs 3086

Most Luxurious Coffee Scrub, Dead Sea Salt Scrub

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This is one of the finest scrubs in terms of its texture. The salt and coffee is finely ground and mixed to make it work on your cellulites. You will love to leave it on your body and not rinse it off. The longer you let it soak, the better it works. Apart from coffee, it includes some more effective nutrients and essential oils. Thus, with the goodness of such combination it becomes a power-packed product.

Slim Extreme 3D Moisturizing Shower Scrub-massage Anti-cellulite, 7.04 Ounce – Rs 1528

Slim Extreme 3D Moisturizing Shower Scrub-massage Anti-cellulite

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Smooth your skin with this intense scrub. This is known to leave your skin moisturized along with slimming away the thick cellulites. The product has been specially designed by Eveline Cosmetics and it is known to reduce your stretch marks too! This scrub helps to exfoliate yet keeps your skin hydrated with Cello-Peel Complex. It also removes epidermis and purifies the pores of skin. Revitalize your skin while you massage and let the scrub penetrate deep in.

Diva Stuff Cellulite Reducing Dual Action Soap Bar, Vanilla Latte, 6oz Bar – Rs 1643

Diva Stuff Cellulite Reducing Dual Action Soap Bar

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This is a not any ordinary scrub. It is a messy soap bar from which you can see grounded coffee falling off! It is a dual action bar as one side exfoliates your skin with coffee content, while the other side nourishes dried skin with coffee butter. Both these sides fight cellulites so you are sure to get effective results. Coffee promotes circulation which cleans out impurities, reduces puffiness and it works on the fat layers. In addition to the coffee content, you also have grapefruit which tightens and tones your skin. Enjoy the aroma of the coffee cake while you apply it all over your cellulites!

Art Naturals Cellulite Away Treatment Cream – Contains Proven Anti Cellulite Retinol, Caffeine, & Seaweed – Best Body Firming, Tightening & Toning – Erase Dimples from Legs, Arms, Stomach & Buttocks

Art Naturals Cellulite Away Treatment Cream

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This is a product which includes all natural ingredients and it has been artfully crafted for optimal usefulness. It has collagen boosting retinol, caffeine for reducing fat, antioxidants, seaweed and amino acids for lasting results. This doesn’t have to be wrapped and isn’t oily either! Spread easily and let it penetrate deep inside. The product boasts of optimum satisfaction and results, and also a money back policy if it doesn’t work!