Beautiful and trending hairstyle ideas for kurta/kurtis

Kurtis has become one of the most common women’s wear because they are traditional and comfortable. They can be carried for both for special events and casual wear. There are numerous types of kurti designs which have been trending over the years, and here are some hairstyle type which would suit them. Scroll down and see the apt hairstyle designs which wonderfully suit kurtis. Though the hairstyles might have to differ according to kurti type and face shape. Check out some lovely prints along with their suitable hairdo.

Bouffant hairdo with open and straight hair

Bouffant hairdo with open and straight hair

Simple to extravagant kurti designs will suit this easy hairdo for you. Straighten your hair and part it in three sections. The middle portion should be properly chalked out for the bouffant and the side partition should be parallel for neatness. The middle portion will be puffed for the bouffant and pinned up in the crown area. The lift to the hair adds to the beauty of the style and suits a simple kurti print. The rest of the hair falls from both sides of the shoulder.

Back-brushed and pinned curly hair

Back-brushed and pinned curly hair

The lady in the picture seems to have naturally curly hair, which makes her look perfect in the hairstyle she has chosen. It simply shows that you Instylers can let you steal the look and make you look gorgeous. Curl up your hair in small twists to make it look like her and then back-brush the hair. Pin up lower in the crown zone and let the volume flaunt at the back. This is definitely going to suit for round to long face shapes.

Bouffant ponytail hairstyle ideas

Bouffant ponytail

Although ponytails aren’t much preferred by kurtis, this bouffant hairdo adds the charms and makes it quite a look! The bouffant is not done with sectioned hair as we saw above, as it takes the entire hair from the initial growth in the crown area. Puff it up just at the crown zone and then add pins to lock the look. The rest of the hair can be tied as a ponytail and then let loose. This is not only going to make you look good, but also give a different touch to kurti hairstyles. You never know, you might start setting trends!

Middle parted hair with twisted sides

Middle parted hair with twisted sides

Be it a glamorous kurti or be it not, this hairstyle will suit any kurti which has a similar cut in the chest area. This is a lovely hairstyle which happens to be easy to do and lovely to awe at! Part your hair from the middle. Section out hair from both the sides of the partition and then follow up with the twists. Make the twist them individually and pin up at the back. This will not let the hair fall on your face. The rest of the hair remains straight and is slightly curved out towards the tips. It is best if the haircut, it’s layered, since the curls will gradually feel like we see in the picture below.

Side-parted straight hair with a twist

Side-parted straight hair with twist

This is another pretty hairstyle which can be tried with straight hair. It will make you look younger and cute. Part your hair from the side. The heavier side of the hair will have the twisted hairdo. Section out the front portion and then make your twist. Pin it up at the back and let no strands fall on the face. This hairstyle is easy to carry and lets you flaunt your earrings as well. Let the rest of the strands fall down from the opposite shoulder from the twisted hairdo.

Simple, straight hair does to try on kurtha

Simple straight hairdo

It is funny how lovely your straight hair can suit kurti designs while other traditional clothes call in for many more enhancements. If you have colored hair or a quirky print to wear, you are definitely going to rock the simple hairdo. Has your hair nicely straightened so that it looks smooth and pretty. Part is from the side and let it fall as comfortable as you want to carry.

Messy and curly hair look hairstyle

Messy and curly hair look

Messy hair is definitely in trend for delivering the oomph factor! In the picture below, we see a lady in orange kurti with lovely curly hair. Her hair seems to be naturally wavy which needed further enhancements towards the lower half. Part your hair from the side and let it fall down from the heavier partition. Curl up the lower half of your hair to get that look. It doesn’t matter if the upper portion of your hair is curly too, but it is straight, you might have to brush back and forth to get a messier look.

Middle-parted wavy hair on kurta

Middle-parted wavy hair

This is another lovely hairstyle which will suit your kurti design. Wearing something as bright and trendy as the picture below, will surely accelerate the look to another level! The hair has been simply parted from the middle. It falls down in waves in the first half and then gradually gets a little curlier to the tips. The hairstyle also has a natural and messy look, which brings in a contrast to the perfection of the attire. Let it loose and let it fall from down from both shoulders equally.

Half straight and half curled hair

Half straight and half curled hair

This hairstyle needs the first half of your hair to be straightened, while the next half would be curled. For doing this perfectly, you will have to let your hair be straight first. Section out a little area of the front and part it to the side. The rest of the hair will be back-brushed after the partition and will be given a lift to have a proper hold. This puffs your hair to the back and makes it look fuller. The sectioned front would fall down in curls for the lower half. The rest of the hair will be curled up too!

Braids hairstyle to try on kurta


Last but not the least, kurti hairstyles can look good with braided styles. Be it French braid, fish-tail braid or regular braid, kurtis can be suited to most of them! In the picture below, we see a model whose hair has been back-brushed from the side and then twisted into a braid. Side brushing will surely call in for side braids as well. That eventually makes the look better than having the hair fall from the back.

Semi curls open hair with kurta

LADIES-KURTA-TREND-2015-DESIGNS-IN-INDIA-AND-PAKISTAN-5 Every girl wants to be unique and concentrates on more to look beautiful. So, try this hairstyle on your kurta & kurthis to look beautiful.  The hairstyle takes less time and is easy to try it. This hairstyle best suits for full sleeve kurta and oval face shape. Semi-curls open hair with kurta gives a traditional outlook and can wear at office, party, friend’s outings and much more. This hairstyle looks professional for office. Simply brush your hair and side part with free open hair. Place some hair on the shoulder and leave open with the remaining hair. Semi- curly hair looks precious and makes you look beautiful.

Curly hair with side swept brushed hairstyle for kurta


The kurthi in black which is an evergreen color to try everyone.  The kurthi you are seeing is a bit trendy and fashionable too. This looks like a pretty flower to work on the shoulder part of this kurti. Orange and blue flowers make it classy and these two colors have a lining at the end of the sleeves. This makes you look classy and trendy at the festival. Try this hairstyle on kurthi to have a different look. Side swept your front section hair to form fringes on both sides. Prepare a small puff on the middle of the hair. The back hair is left open. Curl the ends to give a gorgeous look.  You can choose your fashion trendy kurta on the festival occasion to crack on the festival season.

Best perfect kurti on festival occasion with simple, straight short open hair


Try this simple festive season with long kurti to have a fashion and trendy look. So, like this, with this one that makes it vibrant, which is perfect for any festival functions. The kurtha with long work of black patterns makes it more attractive. Try this to look great on the little bulky body. Try a simple open free hair that is more likely to have a sensational and adorable look. Back brush your hair with little curls on half lower hair. This hairstyle best suits for shoulder length hair and round face. Try this hairstyle on any occasion.