Highlights and lowlights for medium hair

Hair highlights look absolutely gorgeous on any one, but the real beauty of highlights come out when you pair it up with proper lowlights. It is only a proper combination of highlights and lowlights that can add a new definition to your hairs making them appear more voluminous and vibrant. Medium length hair is often preferred by women due to the ease of maintenance and the variations possible in hairstyles. So, if you have medium hair length and you are planning to add a fresh touch to your overall look, going for highlights and lowlights on your hairs can actually be a cool idea. Here we have presented a bunch of hair highlights and lowlights ideas for medium hairs that you can use as a guide to pick the one that suits you best,

Caramel highlights with brown lowlights for medium hair

Caramel highlights

Caramel hair highlights make a popular and trendy choice. The best thing about caramel highlights is that the color comes in multiple shades and you can easily match it up with deep to subtle low lights to get the right look. Here the caramel highlights have been nicely added with brown and black lowlights to give the total hair color more definition and a unique look.

Blonde highlights with brown lowlights for medium hair

Blonde highlights with brown

If you want to make the highlights and lowlights more prominent on your hairs opting for brown lowlights along with blonde highlights can look actually gorgeous. Here the highlights and low lights have been used in a streaky pattern to make the total highlighting more prominent. It does not look natural in any way even though it uses the brown lowlights, but can certainly add a fresh touch to your overall look.

Medium length hair with blonde highlights and dark lowlights

Medium length hair with blonde highlights

If you have medium length hairs and you love curls on them go with this blonde highlight and brown lowlight hair coloring. Here the blonde highlights have been nicely paired with brown lowlights on both the sides of the locks giving the curls a more defined look. This highlighting and lowlighting can be ideal for winter-fall and if you are just planning to get a fresh look for a special occasion in that case too it can go really well.

Blonde caramel brown highlights with chestnut lowlights

Blonde caramel brown highlights

Here you can see a perfect combination of caramel brown and blonde highlights along with chestnut lowlights. The blonde highlights look more prominent as they are immediately followed by caramel brown which finally ends at chestnut lowlights. This highlighting and lowlighting is achieved through customized balayage technique and hence looks more towards naturally sun-kissed hairs.

Blonde and caramel highlights with brown lowlights

Blonde and caramel highlights

A perfect mix of blonde and caramel highlights can give your hairs a natural looking graduated shade. The addition of the brown lowlights followed after the caramel highlights makes the total highlighting more prominent and gives a vibrant look to the hair style. This is an ideal highlighting and lowlighting choice for medium length hairs.

Cherry ombre highlights with natural black lowlights for medium hair length

Cherry ombre highlights

If you have natural black hairs you can use the natural color of your hairs as perfect lowlights against other darker highlights and this highlighting/lowlighting is a perfect example of that. Here the cherry ombre highlights look more prominent due to the presence of the natural black lowlights just against them. This one can be a perfect hair highlight for winter.

Silver highlights with black lowlights

Silver highlights

When you are planning to get something really different on your hairs silver highlights with black lowlights can make a good choice. Here the silver highlights at the upper part are streaky and they become well -spread as they reach the ends.  The highlights are more prominent on the locks framing the face.

Caramel-chestnut highlights and brown lowlights on blonde hairs

Caramel-chestnut highlights and brown lowlights

To get this hairstyle, caramel, chestnut and brown highlights have been used in an interesting way on the natural blonde hairs. This highlighting and low lighting technique can add a total new definition to your hairs as well as to your overall looks. This hair highlighting and lowlighting idea can be just perfect for any occasions and also for usual days.

Blonde highlights with chestnut brown lowlights for medium hair lengths

Blonde highlights with chestnut brown lowlights

This is a perfect hair highlighting for summers. Here the blonde highlights have been nicely accentuated by the addition of the chestnut brown lowlights. The point to note here is that, here the lowlights are present mostly at the upper part of the head and not on the lower section of the hairs.

Streaky blonde highlight with lowlights for medium hair lengths

Streaky blonde highlight with lowlights

Blonde highlights are just perfect for summers and by pairing them up with streaky brown and chocolate lowlights you can get just the perfect look to make the heads turn. This type of highlights and lowlights when done perfectly can actually give you a fresh and different look that is sure to get you many compliments.

Medium length hairs with caramel highlights and brown lowlights

Medium length hairs

This is another perfect example of how creatively caramel highlights can be used with darker lowlights to get different looks. In this highlighting/lowlighting technique the colors have been used in a fashion that gives the hairs more a natural sun-kissed look than streaky hair color. Get this hairstyle to rock in the summers.

Subtle caramel highlights on natural dark lowlights

Subtle caramel highlights

Even just a slight touch of caramel highlights on your naturally dark hairs can give a perfect highlighting/lowlighting effect. Here you can see the caramel highlights have been used in a subtle way primarily towards the middle section of the hair length to get a natural looking yet stunning hair style.

Ombre curl highlights with natural black lowlights

Ombre curl highlights with natural black lowlights

Here the caramel highlights concentrate mostly towards the lower section and the subtle use of the highlight against the natural black lowlight adds more definition and volume to the overall look. The streaky use of caramel highlights in a more subtle way gives this hair highlighting a completely different touch that is perfect for the summers. If you have medium length black hairs and you are planning to add a fresh touch to your looks without going too bold, this highlighting style can be ideal for you.

Golden and caramel highlights with deep black low lights

Golden and caramel highlights

Add a bold touch to your overall look with this vibrant hair highlighting/lowlighting style. Here the golden highlights have been used along with the dark black low lights. Use of caramel highlights towards the back section adds more definition to the total look. This hair highlighting style can be ideal to give your look a boost of colors.

Caramel balayage highlights on medium dark brown hairs

Caramel balayage highlights on medium dark brown hairs

This caramel highlight with medium dark brown natural lowlights looks completely natural and sun-kissed particularly due to the use of the balayage technique to get the hairstyle. Here the caramel highlights graduate naturally to mix with the dark brown lowlights and add more definition to the curls. This highlighting/lowlighting is ideal for summer days.

Strawberry blonde highlights with brown lowlights

Strawberry blonde highlights with brown lowlights

Use of graduating shades of colors on the hairs ranging from lighter tones to the deeper ones can give the total hairs a complete new and fresh look that is sure to be cherished. The blonde highlights on the strawberry hair color looks gorgeous and perfect for the summers or winter.

Streaky caramel highlights with red and brown lowlights for medium hairs

Streaky caramel highlights

Highlights get their best look only when they are properly paired with the lowlights. Here the total highlighting and lowlighting has been done in a streaky fashion. The caramel highlights have been followed by red and brown lowlights to add a new definition to the look. This hair highlighting/ lowlighting being streaky in its style suits most on the straightened hairs and can be ideal for any parties or special occasion.

Blonde highlights with black and red lowlights

Blond highlights, red lowlights I want to do this to my hair agian

This chunky blonde highlight looks quite gorgeous particularly because of the use of black and red lowlights at both the sides of the blonde highlights. Here the blonde highlights starts right from near the roots and becomes subtle as it approaches the end. The red lowlights just beside the black adds a complete new dimension to the overall appearance. This highlighting/lowlighting can be a good option for the college goers.

Golden face framing highlights with black lowlights

SANTA MONICA, CA - FEBRUARY 25: Actress Kate Beckinsale arrives at the 2012 Film Independent Spirit Awards on February 25, 2012 in Santa Monica, California. (Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

Golden highlights can look absolutely gorgeous with black lowlights. Here the highlights mostly concentrate on the lower part of the hairs and on the locks framing the face. The perfect use of highlights and lowlights not only adds more volume and definition to the curls but also offers a lot of vibrancy to the overall hairstyle.

Red highlights for medium length hair

1. 4-medium-length-hairstyle-with-dye-highlights-8

You can try this red highlights and get a charming look. This is very easy hair color idea that can also be done at home. This is just need to buy a red hair color from the market applies and on some strands of hairs. This follows the instructions that are is to wash your hair. They are ready to have a fabulous look. The hairstyle looks beautiful with a wide swept front bang. The front hair is twisted and is pinned back with loose hair.

Inspired peacock dark hair color for medium hair

2. 3-medium-length-hairstyle-with-dye-highlights-6

These are the best hair color ideas that you want to get a funky or a chic girl look. This makes you look rock on the dance floor at a party or at a festival. So, try this different stylish look with peacock hair color gives an apparent look. Thus, the hairstyle with this hair color of side swept mid part straight hair looks good. This is good and is something that make you look bold and dare as a peacock. This is the best inspired dark hair color which is unique.

Dark brown hair with blonde highlights

3. Hair-Highlight-Ideas

The hair highlights ideas are well tilled the time of the hairstyle have been developed by the fashion hairstyle experts. This is for the people who prefer loose open hairstyles. So, it is better to choose the best one for them with extreme options. The hairstyle is beautiful and is classy hairstyle that is dark brown hair with blonde and red highlights. This is the latest trendy hair highlights that are most popular with teenagers.

Dark brown hair color with highlights

4. Brown-Hair-Color-With-Highlights

Dark brown hair red highlights are referred to as a change in person’s hair color. This is either dark or light hair color that one some strands of hair in various sizes. This is the best and the latest modern form of hair dying and is the biggest strength of the fashion lover that just moved to wear this hairstyle on the head. This is to get a perfect for them. Thus, the fashion experts have worn that the hairstyle is to get attracted to the people with the celebrities that has tried on their heads and have a better response from the audience.