Hairstyle ideas for engagement on traditional outfit

Engagement is the first step that will take you close to your loved one. The ring ceremony is graced with numerous invitees who gaze at the beautiful couple on the engagement ceremony. Apart from the ring ceremony people watch the would-be bride along with her outfit as well as a hairstyle. Thus, it becomes a necessity for the bride to look attractive. Many times the bride herself become fed up while thinking about the hairstyle to be adopted on the special day. Today we will display some of the effective hairstyle ideas for engagement ceremony. Check them out and get an idea on an effective hairstyle for the engagement ceremony.

Hairstyle ideas for engagement

Side bang curls with spiral balls

Side bang curls with spiral balls


This is one of the fascinating hairstyle for your engagement ceremony where the hair stylist has made a loose appearance of your hair right from the front portion and thereafter  the entire hair is made curl with the hairs styling tool. Just above the neckline some hair strands are taken and created spiral balls and placed to make it look very attractive. Other parts of the hair are molded in a great fashion and taken to a side.

Half up do engagement hairstyle

Half up do engagement hairstyle


Look how beautiful the lady is looking in baby pink cosmetics and half up do hair style.  Just half of the hair is held up to form a bump in the middle of the hair and the rest of the hair is open wide. This simple design is also accompanied with contemporary wedding jewelry. If you are willing to look very simple yet gorgeous, this will be the best hairstyle for you.

Half French with rolls hairstyle

Half French with rolls

The lady with a terrific hairstyle is looking really gorgeous with the front maang tikka that is composed of two round circles. At the back portion of the hair a beautiful bun is portrayed with rolls. You can use the rolling comb or the rollers to get this hairstyle and also use some tight hair pins in order to keep it intact.

Front bump with shoulder length haristyle

Front bump with shoulder length haristyle


If you have the shoulder length hair and want to keep it simple and open, a slight modification can make you look really beautiful. Just take a few strands of hair from the front and create a bulging appearance from the front. The rest of the hair must be open with the little curl at the end. This hairstyle is very appropriate when you are willing to look very simple and sober.

Messy curls with braid hairstyle

Messy curls with braid hairstyle


This hairstyle looks really well on ladies with long hair and the ones who are tall enough to lengthy face. First of all you need to create curls throughout the hair and thereafter that the front portion to create side braid and also make braids out of the rest of the hair. You can put small hair pins which have pearl imbibed along over this spectacular braided hair.

Simple bun with heavy jewelry, haristyleSimple bun with heavy jewelry

South Indian is very fond of the heavy jewelry throughout their hair and also throughout their body. Look how beautiful the lady is looking with the spectacular hairstyle and the jewelry that suite the lady in the best way. This is also a very simple hairstyle that you can adopt during your engagement ceremony.

Straight side swept with one side curls

Straight side swept with one side curls

The simple hairstyle with a tikka on the side of a hair looks really amazing. This hairstyle will really suit you if you have thought it as one of the hair styles to be adopted during your engagement ceremony. The lady looks really gorgeous in the peach dress and the beautiful hairstyle.  This is a wonderful way to make your fiancée surprised.

Back pinned hairstyle with curl

Back pinned hairstyle with curl

This is yet another wonderful hairstyle that must be adopted by the ladies during their engagement ceremony. The hair is tied in a loose fashion from the front and there after the white flowers gets reflected over the hair.  The band of flower at the back side looks really attractive. This hairstyle looks really exclusive of ladies of all age groups. Even for any wedding occasion, this looks great.

Big round bun with jewelry in the middle hairstyle

Big round bun with jewelry in the middle

This bun hairstyle can be easily created with 6 small balls around the back that forms a bump. In the middle, a beautiful hair pin is placed that really goes well with the Indian dress. The flower garland placed around the bun also looks really attractive. See how beautiful the lady looks from the rear view. It has all been possible with the spectacular hairstyles with heavy jewelry.

Front part with braid arc hairstyle

Front part with braid arc hairstyle


This is a different hairstyle that has been adopted by very rare ladies as most of them are not aware that even braids can look great. If you have long hair, comb your hair and make a part in the middle. Take a good amount of hair from one corner and make a braid out of it. Now place it in the middle of the hair forming a curve. Put beautiful hair clips around to make it attractive. Again the rest of the hair should not be kept idle, rather make a braid out of it let it get placed at the back.

Messy side curly bun hairstyle

Messy side curly bun

If you have the curly hair, don’t think that you cannot get a fashionable hairstyle. Yes, now you can absolutely get very fashionable hairstyle as the fashion world has taken the hairstyles on a different level. If you are going to look different on your engagement party, make a side part of your hair and take the entire hair on one side of your back. Now make a bun out of it and tie it with the hair clips. Your hair will get the shape of a bun and the curls will be visible all around. Thus, it will look like a bubble and curly bun.

Half up do and half bun hairstyle

Half updo and half bun hairstyle

Individual willing to look really different during her wedding occasion, this particular hairstyle will look special. First of all comb your hair and take a few strands from the front making a side part. Now take some portion of the hair from the middle and make a roll to place it in the middle with the help of the hair pin. Now, the rest of the hair at the back is taken to make a bun. You can also place a beautiful pin to make it intact in the back.

Twisted up do hairstyle

Twisted updo

You can also try this exclusive twisted updo when you are going to make yourself look very beautiful on the day of your engagement party. Even if you have very small hair, the twisted updo will make your hair look volumized as very small twists and great updo designs are inculcated within the particular hairstyle design. You can try this with the traditional lehenga or also with a sari.

Side plates with a messy bun hairstyle

Side plates with messy bun

This is another attractive hairstyle adopted by the ladies who wishes to look very different on the day of engagement ceremony. You have to make two French plates from the two sides of your hair and a messy bun is formed at the back. This looks really attractive when you are willing making the occasion really special. You can also add a wonderful hair clip in the middle of the bun. A maang tikka can also be formed on this spectacular variety of appealing hairstyle adopted during engagement ceremony.

Layer pinned at center with curly rolls free, open hairstyle


Free curly hairstyle with side fringes pinned in the center of the head. Remaining hair is left open with curly rolls. The curly rolls will be at one place just like a braid tail. This hairstyle best suits for medium length hair. Style your hair with half straight and half curled and rolled hairstyle. This hairstyle best suits on any occasion. Pin the layered hair at the center with a hair accessory pin. The simple left hairstyle that best suits you for the engagement. The gown patterned white dress along with this hairstyle best suit for medium length hair. The back open dress with this hairstyle looks stylish.

Open wide hairstyle with a mid partition on a traditional wear


The long, wide open wavy hairstyle best suits for you and is best suitable for oval face shape. This hairstyle best suits for shoulder length or medium length hairstyle. You just simply curl your hair and try it on any traditional occasion such as festival, family gathering parties, Mehandi functions, engagement, and wedding parties. Try this hairstyle to look beautiful. Add some simple accessories that can give an elegant fashion, trendy and stylish look to your hairstyle. Mid part your front sectioned hair and leaves or brush them like a fringe. Leave the remaining hair with wide open with curly hair. Decorate with a manga tikka at the mid of hair facing on forehead.  Place a nath which gives a traditional look to your face.

Front puff with the long wavy hairstyle


This hairstyle best suits for long hair length. Prepare a front puff bun and pin the front hair at the mid of the head. Leave the remaining hair that is wide open. Decorate your hair with mang tikka which is matched to the necklace as well as earrings with three hangings of beads.  The dress with sleeveless and heavy designed top section of kurtha looks beautiful. This hairstyle makes you look beautiful and increase in the volume of hair with this hairstyle. Try this hairstyle that makes you look unique and gorgeous at a party and also turns everyone’s attention at you.