Mistakes that you’ve been making with eyeliner

Eyeliner makes a huge difference—it can take a basic eye makeup application to a fully-realized look that highlights your lashes and the shape of your eye. Eyeliner can be sexy, elegant, or subtle, but it also can be harsh, overly dramatic, or sloppy depending on how you apply it.

Applying eyeliner like a professional takes a steady hand and a light touch, whether you’re going for a natural look or making a statement with your liner. Eyeliner helps in maximizing your eye contour and size. It takes a bit of experimenting, but once you’ve mastered it, eye liner will take your makeup look to a whole new level.

Mistakes to avoid while applying eyeliner

  1. Don’t overdo your eyeliner. It should blend well with the rest of your eye-makeup design, not overpower it.
  2. Avoid lining the inside rim of the lids, as it smears and accumulates up into the corner of the eye, creating a messy, unattractive look. It’s also unhealthy for the eyes, leading to redness, puffiness, and potential eye infections.
  3. Don’t apply thick eyeliner if you have small eyes as it will only exaggerate the smallness or closeness of your eyes.
  4. Avoid applying a complete circle of eyeliner around your eyes. Circling all the way around your eyes can make it look like you’re wearing eyeglasses, highlighting the eyeliner rather than your eyes.
  5. Don’t over blend your eyeliner into the skin under the lower lash line. Eyeliner can be smudged under the lower line for sexy smoky eyes, but too much smudging makes your dark circles look worse.
  6. Don’t apply mascara before you apply eyeliner. For best results, always apply your mascara after you apply your eyeshadow and eyeliner to avoid overdoing the mascara and to compensate for a lack of depth and definition along the lash line.

Pros and cons you need to know before shopping for any kind of eyeliner.

Pencil eyeliners: It tends to smear and smudge, unless you find a really good one that isn’t too creamy. Go for a retractable pencil than one that requires sharpening. After applying the pencil eyeliner, apply a small amount of eye shadow over it to avoid it from smearing and to last longer.

Gel or cream eyeliners: It offers superb application. The only drawbacks being that you have to wash the brush applicator after every use to prevent the gel or cream from hardening on the brush hairs and the look is too intense. If you don’t find those to be problems, then gel and cream eyeliners are excellent ways to go. They don’t smear and are especially great for anyone with oily eyelids or for use in humid climates.

Liquid eyeliner: It offers the most precise and definite line. Whoever is most dramatic and the most difficult to apply as it takes a steady hand? Look for liquid liner that comes with a thin brush for impressive results. If you make a mistake with liquid liner, wait for it to dry, remove it with a cotton swab dipped in makeup remover, dab the eyelid skin dry, and try again.

Apply eyeliner and eye shadow according to the shape of your eyes. eye-liner-tips

Precautions that you need to keep in mind before applying eyeliner.

Choose your colors carefully: The best thing about eyeliner is how it adds depth to your lashes and makes them appear thicker. Choose shades of dark brown, gray, deep plum, or black for the upper lid. For the lower lash line, use a softer variation of the same shade.

Types of eyeliners: There are different types of eyeliners available in the market such as Powder, Pencil, Gel, Cream and Liquid eyeliner. What type of eyeliner you want to use is purely your personal choice.

Determine if you want a thin or thick line: As a general rule, the thickness and intensity of the eyeliner should correlate with the size of your eyelid. The larger the eyelid area, the thicker yet softer the eyeliner should be. The smaller the eyelid area, the thinner, and more intense the liner should be.