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Advantages of wearing helmet

Helmets are considered as an essential safety gear for protection from head injury. Wearing a helmet while you are riding a bike might not be very comfortable, but it is obviously the most secured way to ride a two wheeler. Wearing a helmet can give you many riding advantages and it can actually make your riding experience more splendid. If you think your helmet is bothering you while riding, you should opt for a good quality lightweight helmet, but should not decide to go without it. First we will discuss on how does a helmet work? And then we will take a look at the advantages of wearing helmet.

How does a helmet work?

A helmet has a fiberglass outer cover which acts as the shell and expanded polystyrene made inner lining which offers cushioning. When the helmet is struck with something hard the inner lining absorbs the shock keeping the skull intact. In case of direct impact on the outer shell, it acts like a buffer, dissipating the energy, reducing the impact on the brain.

Protection from head injury

In India number of two-wheelers is increasing 20 times faster than its rate of population growth and with the increased number of two wheelers on the road the rate of Road Traffic Accidents is also increasing rapidly. According to studies, In India, 90% of the head injury cases admitted to the hospitals on a daily basis, are caused due to Road Traffic Accidents and at least three young two wheeler riders dies in every 10 minutes due to head injury. Most interestingly, studies show that severe head injuries can occur even while riding at low speed, such as 10-15 kmph.  The risk of death due to head injury is 2-5 times more for riders not wearing a helmet; hence a helmet is something you cannot really compromise with.

In case of two wheeler accidents head injury is the primary cause of death amongst the riders, and by wearing a good quality helmet in proper way you can rigorously mitigate the risk of getting a head injury even if you happen to get involved in a nasty accident.

Helmet reduces the wind noise

While riding a two wheeler in speed the wind noise can be really bothering for the ears even if the weather is not windy. The more is your speed the wind noise gets that much louder and can be really disturbing while riding on the highways. In case there is wind it can even become difficult to ride a two wheeler without a proper helmet. Keeping your ears covered from noise of wind make it possible to listen to the surroundings better, which can be helpful to avoid an accident.

Helmet can give you a clearer vision

Helmets with visor can be effective to give you a clearer vision on road. High quality helmets with a visor can cut down the glare from reaching your eyes, which can be very comfortable for your eyes, as well as can be effective to have a clear vision on road. It can help you to see right through even if the high beam lights of other vehicles going in the opposite direction shines on your eyes. A clearer vision on road certainly reduces the risk of road accident.

Helmet protects your face from harsh weather

Helmet is a covering that protects not only your head but also your whole face. If there is rain or the weather is chilling, helmet can protect your face from getting wind or rain bites. It keeps the rain and freezing weather out enabling you to ride your two- wheeler in comfort without losing your concentration. A good quality helmet can also give your skin and eyes physical coverage from the harmful UV A and UV B rays of the sun. So, if you are cautious about your skin getting tanned or wrinkled due to sun exposure, using a helmet every time you ride out in the sun is a must.

Helmet protects your head and face from flying objects and dirt

Heavy flying objects, such as, gravels, rocks or twigs can be highly damaging when encountered on your face while riding in speed. These flying objects cannot only injure your skin but can also harm your eyes, damaging your vision. With the increased rate of particulate pollution in the air there is always a chance that some dirt or dust will get into your eyes while riding a two wheeler without a helmet. This can not only damage your eyes, but can also make it difficult for you to concentrate on the road, leading to accidents. Wearing a helmet ensures that no flying objects, dirt or dust can get into your eyes and you are able to concentrate fully on the road reducing the risk of accident.