How to get water marble nail art with beautiful designs

Water marble nail art design is nothing but designs of different colored nail polishes on nails with water. You can whip out a shocking color nail varnish by applying them over white tips only to look beautiful. Water marble nail art design of manicure is the latest nail art loved by most of the teenagers. Creating a water marble design on your nails is a long lasting and looks awesome. The different stylish nail art designs give a cool look at your nails. Nowadays nails are decorated with accessories to give a celeb look. The painting, nail art is simple with the brush which seems to be boring, always, but able to do it with water is much more entertaining. You can see some artificial nail stickers that are available in the market, which doesn’t give you a natural look. Simply try this water marble nail art design that you can get the natural and beautiful look on any occasion with a traditional costume.

Ingredients that you need to have to marble your nails

  • 4 -5 varieties of colored nail polishes for unique look with perfect combinations
  • A cup filled with water to dip your nails
  • Toothpick to design a perfect design with matching nail polish colors
  • Scotch tape to avoid unnecessary coloring on the skin instead of nails
  • Clear nail polish for finishing to give a shining look and for longstanding
  • Nail polish remover to remove previous nail polish
  • Cotton swabs to clean excess color on the skin
  • Cotton balls to clean nail polish around the nails

Procedure for water marble nail art

Now, you can start with a glass of water at room temperature. Add drops of good quality nail varnish. Perfect matching nail polish colors alternatively will give a more beautiful look. Add any color you want. Take a toothpick and make a design. Dip your finger carefully and quickly as the nail art design can move away quickly through the nail art design. As your finger is in the cup, remove the excess varnish drifting on the water with an ear or a cotton bud. Perfect cleaning will make a huge mess. You should remember to cover your skin around your nail with sticky tape to avoid excess colors. Finally, this gives you a beautiful nail art design on your fingers. Add a teensy weensy amount of glue on the back, then stuck on a toothpick. A perfect design can be attained upon practice. The nail art design can actually come out with a pretty darn awesome look on hands. Sticky tape is a mission.

How to do water marble nail art designs at home easily

Step 1: Clean your nails wisely as if you have any nail polish left over on your nails. Soak a cotton ball in nail polish remover and remove all prior nail polish to get clear nails and are ready for new nail art designs.

Step 2: Fill a cup of water at room temperature.

Step 3: Make small pieces of tape and cover your entire fingers. Make sure to showing out on only nails. To prevent having to do a major cleanup. This is for after the marbling covers the skin around each nail with tape which reduces your time to clean up.

Step 4: You can either pick a variety of colors for a rainbow like look. First, you should select your desired nail polish. Make sure that the bottle consists of enough amount of nail polish or not. You need to have the color drip off into the cup.

Step 5: Take desired second colored nail polish and repeat the same process as done with the first nail polish. If you are new to marbling. Then you should carefully paint your nails a lighter color for just trials which can establish a good base and give something solid to which the polish can adhere.

Step 6: Repeat with the same process with the other nail polish colors you have chosen until you have a puddle of layered colors on the water. Repeat the process with its 4 – 5 quickly because the polishes are left in the water for too long that they will dry out.

Step 7: Now, swirl to a desired marbled pattern design into the polish by using a toothpick. Blend the colors gently to give a rainbow look. Finally, you can attain the polish that looks swirled together, which will be enough to design your nails. Take your taped up a finger and dip the nail into the swirl. Just leave it for 5 – 10 seconds and slowly remove the finger out.

Step 8: Dip it slightly into the water so that each nail hit the surface. Let this nail polish design set before moving to the next step. Then you can observe a pattern transfer onto your nail.

Step 9: Make sure that your nails are totally dry, and are gently left off the tape. Remove the tape from your finger and clean it.

Step 10: Now, take a cotton swab and then soak it in nail polish remover. Remove the excess polish from the finger. Clean up the excess residue of nail polish around your finger with a cotton swab dipped in remover.

Step 11: Put and clear nail polish coat to the top and you should make sure that the design won’t scratch off. This is very most important to note and step to put on the top coat. The final coat gives your newly marbled nails a good coat. This shows your digits off chip free with beautiful design on your nails.

Step 12: Repeat the process for each nail as it is a tedious and time consuming process. But it’s worth as a result.

Stylish water marble nail art at home

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Today trendy fashion is about matching nail polish whatever the color of the dress may be. The stylish different colored and multicolored nail polish on nails make turns everyone’s attention at you with a unique look. You can also try water marble nail art at home with some necessary ingredients. Try this stylish pink color shade flower nail art on your nails.

Flower shape marble design on nails

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The flower and heart shaped marble nail art with different colored nail polish to make your hands look beautiful. The dress colored matching bangles with similar colored water marble nail art is unique with different colored nail polish shades. Try these shades on your nails to look beautiful. The flower petal shape with dark and lighter nail polish shades for nails is simply beautiful. The top clear nail polish coat on the design looks good with perfect finishing.

Wavy marble nail art with different colored shades

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The water wavy nail art with pink, white and red shades looks awesome. This water marble nail art is simple by drawing circles in the water with multiple colors. This nail art looks like waves, flower petals and rainbows. This makes you look beautiful with a stylish look. This color best suit for any skin tone and looks stylish and trendy.

Abstract patterned water marble nail art

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This is an awesome and best looking water marble nail art. The design looks like an abstract pattern just on the top of a black base polish. The patterns with different colored shaped on the nails add more beauty to your hands. This water marble nail art with beautiful Mehandi design looks interesting for any occasion with traditional dressing.

Heart and flower shaped water marble nail art design

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The water marble nail art design best suits for fair skin tone and even dark skin based on your nail polish color combinations. This heart and flower shaped marble nail art design with white and red nail polish looks awesome. Try this trendy nail art design for a wedding or any Valentine’s Day part, an outing with your loved ones, and wedding days to turn an attention at you. This water marble nail art design seems to be stylish and very beautiful.