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Home remedies for honey bee sting bite

Honey bee sting bite is not a normal bite as that of mosquito. The pain of honey-bee sting bite can last for few hours and even for few days if no correct heals are used. It is very critical to verify that you have expel the stun from the skin. The dark spot appeared in the skin range of bite will have dark spot which should be uprooted and should be cleaned to keep the venom from spreading.

When the honey bees sting a person gets infected to the venom through the honey bee sting in the skin. After biting you will observe swelling or an itching sensation may occur, but the pain vanishes in just few hours. The areas adjacent to the site of biting can also include even the large local reaction. Sometimes the whole body gets affected. Symptoms may include Vomiting, nausea, even diarrhoea and then dizziness.

Home remedies for bee stinge bite

Apple Cider Vinegar to treat bee bite

The apple cider vinegar has antibacterial as well as aseptic properties which when used at the place of the honey bee sting bite will help in killing the microscopic organisms present on the biting portion. Therefore it stand out the best solution for honey bee sting since ancient times

Straightforwardly apply the cotton ball soaked in apple cider vinegar solution on the place or zone of skin where honey bee sting bite which kills the microscopic organisms present on the biting portion.

Baking soda effective home remedy

Baking Soda which is found in every kitchen and has been used for various purposes and one of its use is as home remedy for treatment of honey bee sting bite. It has been observed that baking soda had been working as the best medicine in curing honey bee sting bite.

Make a thick paste. Take baking soda and little amount of water and make a thick paste of it. Apply this paste on the place where honey bee sting bite is there and permit it to dry. Wash this paste in morning once the swelling and pain has reduced.

Garlic cloves to treat stinge bite

Garlic is a bunch of antioxidant, anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties all together. Therefore it is one of the best method to treat a person with garlic when a honey bee sting bite you.

Take 2-3 cloves of garlic cloves and squash them. Apply the juice discharged from the cloves on the influenced zone and press it with a cotton ball. Keep the weight until the swelling and agony have died down.

Honey home remedy for bee sting bite

Honey can be considered as home of remedies, every disease have the use of honey for its curing. It has best germicidal qualities and due to this this can be used as the best for honey bee sting bite. Honey bee sting bite can be treated with natural honey.

Take some honey and then straightforwardly apply it to the honey bee sting. You can even apply some turmeric with honey for better advantages.

Mud to cure sting bite

This is one of the best cure used by many individuals since old period and even today many people use it in the intention of disposing off the honey bee sting bite paining sensation and even swelling.

Make a paste of mud with some amount of water. Apply this mod paste specifically to the honey bee sting bite and let it dry. Clean the mud once the pain and swelling are vanished.

Tobacco to get rid of honey bee sting bite

Tobacco may be awful for health but yet it has many advantages too. Tobacco has special component which help in getting rid of swelling and pain of honey bee sting bite.

When you get Honey-honey bee sting, get a pack of tobacco or cigarette to apply to the sting. Break the cigarette into half and take out the tobacco content from it. Take free tobacco and apply it everywhere throughout the chomp region. Press it against the sting until the swelling and pain gets reduced.

Apply ice pack for bee sting

First you need to take out the stinger that gets stucked into your skin. Stringers of wasps yellow jackets and hornets, honey bees have barbed stinger which get stuck in the Victim’s skin. This is the first task that keeps you to take out this stinger, carefully, with the help of tweezers and are simple to hold with nails. Wash the area and apply some ice pack. This helps to constrict your blood vessels that has venom and may not freely flow into the bloodstream. Thus, it helps to relief from pain and itching. Take a clean ice cloth. Wrap the ice in the cloth. Place this ice pack against the site where bee has stung. Leave it for about 10 minutes. Until the ice melts in between that can add some more ice. Leave for about 10 minutes and take a break for 10 minutes. Again apply this ice pack for 10 minutes. Repeat the process for every 4-5 hours.

Papaya for bee sting

Papaya is the best natural beneficial enzymes that makes it for good remedy for venomous bee sting. They are papain enzyme that are found to help neutralize the effect to venom. Raw or ripe have papain enzyme, thus, the green raw papaya has best property of it. This helps to treat bee sting. Meat a tenderizer this papain enzyme that may make them suitable for bee stings. Take a slice of papaya and rub it on sting. Grate papaya and take out juice from it. Apply this juice on the affected area. Mash and apply ripe papaya and mash them to apply in sting bite.

Mustard bee for sting bite

Mustard bee helps to treat bee sting and some other insect bites. This is rich in antioxidants and mustard has a small amount of selenium which makes it fine with an anti-inflammatory agent. This is best to use mustard to get relief from swelling and pain. Take some amount of mustard seeds and grind them into smooth powder. Sprinkle them over the area of sting bite. In order to prepare poultice of mustard, take some mustard powder and add water to make paste. Place it a clean cloth and wrap it. Hold them against your skin where you have been stung by bee.

Try this home remedies immediately a honey bee bite you because they may reduce the pain and swelling and due to their antibacterial, germicidal types of properties they didn’t allow the venom to spread in the body. Try this and get rid of honey bee sting bite.