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Cancer treatment, causes and symptoms – How to prevent cancer

Cancer is the most dangerous diseases, where people are struggling to find a solution to it. Cancer is a stubborn enemy that one’s started can increase and leads to death during ancient days. But, now the scientist is struggling to find a medicine that can fight against cancer and treat cancer. Here, we came to know about that, we are stubborn to fight against cancer. We lost hope during the ancient day as and when cancer attacks, but now we have well equipped instruments and doctor to get rid of cancer and fight against it. Today we have a unique achievement in the direction that the enemy is the basic principle of the success.

In this process, cancer is treated by surgery, radiation and special sections of chemotherapy.  The cancer specialists are saying that the cancer should be treated from starting stage with these three departments of doctors together and are united to form a group in treating cancer.  A united group of leading cancer treatment and medical professional said that it is important to find the cancer in starting stage with its symptoms. So people should recognize cancer symptoms and is important to create awareness to the people about cancer.

Tips to fight against cancer

Most of the people don’t know that there are different types of cancers. Cancer is a combination of diseases. Mostly cancer is seen in old age people, but nowadays it is identified in all age groups without criteria.  The cancer causes are mostly related to your daily lifestyle. Some of the various causes and increases cancer are smoking, lack of physical exercises and too much alcohol consumption. There are various types of cancer treatments for different types of cancers. The cancer treatment is treated by the specialized doctor based on the type of cancer, which can be done by coordinating with various medical teams and different departments. For example, the breast and prostate cancer patients of 80-90% are living almost ten years after treatment, whereas lung cancer patients of 10% are living 5 years after the treatment. So, cancer can be treated with effective results will be based on the part it is attacked with and the stage it is going on at the time of identification. Thus, it can be treated with the available specialized doctors and its equipment’s.

Major types of cancers

  • Breast cancer
  • Colon, anal cancer
  • Mouth cancer
  • Lung cancer
  • Throat cancer

Lips, mouth, lungs, intestine, colon, anal, throat cancer are mostly seen in men, whereas breast, cervical dilation, colon, anal, ovaries, lips, mouth cancer are seen in women.

Symptoms of cancer

  • Frequent urination
  • Ceases of longstanding lesion
  • Unusual bleeding from any part of the body
  • Decrease in appetite and weight
  • Chronic indigestion and hard to swallow
  • Change in the appearance of moles and warts
  • Cough and harsh voice change
  • Less than anumanincalsina

Three things to stop

Avoid most unhealthy cancer causing foods

Indian is the second largest country in the world for tobacco use and the third country in the production of tobacco. People are spending more money on cancer treatment, instead of that they can spend cancer awareness programs to the people. It is a well-known fact, that usage of tobacco in public places is banned and laying fines people who violate the rule.

  • Most of the people think that only throat and lung cancer are caused due to tobacco, but the fact is digestive tract, kidneys, bladder and cervical cancer are also affected. Beside this, tobacco causes heart disease, stroke and respiratory problems also.
  • Weight: You should be fit and have enough weight. One should be active and must do 30 minutes physical exercises, jogging to relieve from stress and health. You should consume lots of fresh vegetables and fruits.
  • Tests: One should under some screening tests such as mammogram, colonoscopy and papsmiyar. You should be careful and regularly tested, if there is a problem of cancer in your family history. You should notice the symptoms of cancer and consult the doctor to get treated in early stages. It is recommended to screen yourself once a year. In the citizen of the United States, doctors suggest to go for four screening tests. This helps to find out and clear the health problems in early stages, which leads to decrease in cancer related deaths.
  • Stop smoking, which is good for health
  • Alcohol consumption is limited.
  • Avoid junk, spicy and fried foods. You should be careful and is not good for health to take stored food, which is harmful to health and slowly leads to cancer in certain stages.