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Hairstyle for oval face shape

Ladies born with oval shape face shape are very lucky as they have ample scope to adopt variety of hair styles. Since their face is really symmetric in nature, any type of hair cut will suit them. This is regarded as one of the most versatile facial shape where you can try anything without a second thought. Ladies with other types of hair styles such as heart, pear and long where the forehead and jaw area is not symmetrical, need to adopt the hair styles that will create an illusion that they have an oval shaped face. Ladies with oval shape face looks really attractive when the layer of hair falls over your cheek bones. You can adopt either short or long hair style; both will suite you really well. The hair expert can present you with a long list of hair styles that will ideally make you stay attractive. Let check few suitable hairstyles for oval shaped face in this article.

Hairstyles for oval face shape women 

Soft short hairstyle for oval face

1. Hairstyle for oval face shape

This hairstyle is a soft and effortless short hairstyle that falls around the oval face. This will enhance the individual features. Thus, the creamy platinum color hair is an absolutely on trend for the season. This hairstyle keeps the style current with a stylish look. This is simple and the hairstyle looks stylish and trendy. This is a simple hairstyle that makes you look good and modern.

Creamy golden blonde hairstyle

2. Creamy golden blonde hairstyle

The hairstyle is a creamy golden blonde short hairstyle. This is the perfect hairstyle that suits the model’s oval face shape. This is the short hairstyle which is so difficult for many of the carry off yet for those with an oval face shape. They look fantastic and is a long sweeping fringe that falls around the eyes. This helps to wisps the land on the cheek bones and are free that keep the look sensational.

Half up and half down hairstyle

3. Halfup and half down dos

The half up and half down hairstyles are a look of the season. This is the great style of an oval face shape. Try this gentle waves and a small element of texture in the look that prevent elongating of the face. The height at the crown can draw attention to the eyes. This hairstyle best suits for shoulder length hair with oval face shape.

Long layered hairstyle with curls

4. Long layered curly hair

The long layered hairstyle seems to be very stylish for parties. The hairstyle in light brown and black combination hair makes you look stylish. This hairstyle is perfect for models and is framed for oval face shapes. This can control the volume and the length of the hair. This hairstyle is all in one length hairstyle that would weigh and turns all looks at you. This makes you feel free and comfortable.

Boho waves hairstyle for oval face

5. Boho waves hairstyles

The Boho hairstyle gives a classic look. The Boho hairstyle of each side has fullness and has a top of the little bit lifted which can balance the overall shape. Thus, the oval face shape looks beautiful. The hairstyle best suits as it is a bone straight style that would accentuate the longer face frame. Thus, it gives a rougher up texture, mist to your hair with a beach spray. This loose curls with a large barrel curling iron and can run your hands through it. This hairstyle best suits for parties and on any other occasions for oval face shape and long wavy hair.

A fringe hairstyle for oval face shape

A fringe hairstyle for oval face shape


The oval shape face can be added with a value if you get a line fringe to the hair. You will look really gorgeous with the A line fringe adopted over the ladies having oval shaped face. If you are sure that you have an oval shaped face, this particular hair style can be easily adopted. Whether you are wearing a western wear or a traditional dress, this hairstyle would look absolutely perfect.

Simple pony tail hairstyle for oval face

Simple pony tail hairstyle for oval face

Ladies having an oval shape face can look really great with a simple pony tail. Since your face is symmetrical you don’t have to worry whether your cheekbones are getting visible with this particular hairstyle. Whether you are going to market or your neighbor’s home casually, try out a simple pony tail. 

Messy curls hairstyle for oval face

Messy curls

Generally ladies with blonde hair try out my hair style with curls at the downside of their hair. This will be a wonderful hairstyle when you have worn a red carpet dress with your hair open wide. Today, messy hair style has come in a fashion and that too with curls belong they can make you look really attractive. 

Soft straight curtain hairstyle for parties

Soft straight curtain

You can also view most of your celebrities with an oval face shape to get soft straight curtain hairstyle.  Though this is regarded as one of the most common hair style, but people with oval shape face can easily look good. You may either call up your hair artist to give you this style or you can also get this from the internet. 

Flattering side parting hairstyle 

Flattering side parting

If you have straight hair that lays flat over the top of your hair, go for the side parting and let a bunch of hair fall over your cheek. This is one of the simplest hairstyle which does not require a hair stylish. If you have not tried it before, try it today and flaunt your oval shaped face.

Stylish asymmetrical side fringe hairstyle

Stylish asymmetrical side fringe hairstyle


If you have an oval shaped face, it means that your face is symmetric from all sides. This is the time when you should go for the hairstyle which is not symmetrical. Thus, an asymmetrical hair style which is backed with the side fringe will look really attractive. This can be adopted when you are going to attend a party with your friends. 

Middle parted hairstyle for casual wear

Middle parted hair style

Some people think that middle parted hair style has become out of date which cannot look good on ladies. But, according to the hair artists, ladies with an oval shaped face can adopt this hair style without any hesitation as these will definitely suit your image. You can dress up well with casual attire along with the middle parted hair style. 

Messy bun at the top hairstyle for wedding parties

Messy bun at the top

This hairstyle is really convenient to adopt as you can create it any time without much expertise. Even if you don’t have comb with you, this hairstyle can be adopted. Whether you have the length of hair till your shoulder or back, you can pull your hair and comb slightly with fingers. Thereafter accumulating all in one set and take it at the top to make a bun with the knot or you can also use a hair clip or rubber band to make a bun.

Naturally curly hairstyle

Naturally curly hairstyle

The oval face shape looks really attractive when you combine it curly hairstyle. Whether you have a curly long hair or hair cut short till the neck length, if you have an oval face shape both will look really attractive. You can get styling gel on the market that can be adopted to give a wet look. This hair style looks really well when you are in a verge of attending a party in a pub or a discotheque.

Long layers hairstyle for stylish look

Long layers

If you have an oval shaped face, long layers will also suite you really well. A group of ladies feels petty to cut their hair short, rather they wish to go for longer hair styles. Long layers are one of the wonderful hair style that can suite ladies with oval shape face. If you have long hair and wish to get a proper style to it, the long layers will be a wonderful deal. You can adopt it yourself and also ask your friends and family member to get this particular hair style if they have long hair. Most of the celebrities look really attractive with their long layers hair style. You can also adopt this particular hairstyle.